I have come up with an idea in my head which i think would world really well. Unfortunately I am not the greatest drawer so I haven’t been able to illustrate the idea very well.

It involves the combination of live action and CGI. The Angelus have always been live action, with no VFX/Animation involved, but that doesn’t relate to our course.

The short 1 minute clip takes place in a church. This is where a lot of people have been trying to argue the idea, because if it is shot in a Catholic church then people of other religions will become offended. However, the way I intend of shooting it, with the camera angles taking place, the only 3 parts of the building the viewer will see is the front door (at the bottom), a set of steps and a bell.

A small creature (the main character) pops his head through the door (the reason i said “at the bottom” is because the creature will be in and around a foot in height. The bells are ringing and he is curious to know what the sound is, so he begins to sought out the source of the noise.

He then gets to the bottom of the steps and begin to climb up them. We follow his journey up the steps, (remembering that he is less than 1ft in height) therefore making it a journey in itself making it to the top of the steps.

He reaches the bell room and walks in as he has finally found the source of the noise. What he doesn’t expect though, is to see the wide open world below him.  Because he is so small, he has never been able to see the world at this height.  All bell towers have open like windows around it, so he will look out at the vast world below him as the camera pans out from behind him as the screen begins to fade to white (I would love it if he is able to be looking at the mountains as the sun rises and then the sun begins extremely bright and fills the entire screen full of white).


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