Industry Report

Four assessable pieces of coursework:

  1. A proposal
  2. Oral presentation
  3. Research Showreel
  4. 3,000 world industry report

To pull off an industry report, there is 3 methods

1.1) Define the score of your Analysis

1.20 Research the industry

1.3) Find industry reports

1.4)  consult academic research

1.5) Compile relevant data using the sources about

2.1) Begin your report with a broad description of the industry

2.2) Describe your own place within the industry

2.3) Provide descriptions of the major competitors in the industry

2.4) Describe the competitive strategies of the various competitors in the industry

3.1) Provide the market Analysis

3.2) Discuss competitive strategy that might improve the firm

3.3) Close the report with a suggested strategy to the future.


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