Rough storyboards

1A couple establishing shots of the forrest

2We hear the birds

3Feather falls down in front of the camera as we see the father sleeping

4Son comes out of the ‘nest’ head. Tries to wake his dad up, then goes over to the feather and picks it up and looks up to the sky to see where it came from.

5Shot looking up.

6Cut back to the child as the feather blows away.

7He chases afetr it.

8Father then opens his eyes.

9Cut as we see the child running up the hill after the feather.

10The child bends down to pick up the feather, but is distracted by the beauty before him.

11Close-up as we looks out.

12Over the shoulder shot of the character looking out.

13His father comes up behind him and lifts him onto his shoulders.

14We zoom out from the back of the 2 characters as the sun begins to flood the screen with white.


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