New idea

Myself and Andrew came up with two similar idea’s and we decided to combine them together and it has worked really well. We then pitched it to the rest of the group and they liked it.

it involves a small creature and a father.

the small creature lives inside of a nest, which happens to be the fathers head.  He hears the birds and a feather falls down in front of the camera to the ground.

He comes out of his nest. Shakes his father to try and wake him up. His father doesn’t wake up and he goes and picks the feather up up. He looks up to the sky to see where the feather came from.

The feather then blows out of his hand and he runs after it out of screen.

His father then opens his eyes slightly to see where his child is.

We then see the child running after the feather at the top of the hill.

He bends down to pick up the feather, but he looks out and is distracted by the beauty that is in front of him. He has always lived deep in the forrest and has never been at a height to see the colours he now see’s. His father then comes up behind him and lifts him on his shoulders as they both look out at the beauty as the screen begins to fill with white from the sun.

The feather is leading him to his moment of reflection.


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