Abstract – 1st draft

This study will be investigating the evolution of Visual Effects and how this development means that it is now widely felt, amongst both the general public and filmmakers that Visual Effects is taking over the film industry. Throughout the years, Visual Effects has grown, allowing us to create idea’s which where previously unimaginable but have we taken it to far? Due to the growth of technology, there are no boundaries in what can be achieved with Visual Effects.

This paper is motivated by two main research topics. (1) How Visual Effects has evolved to become a fundamental element within the film industry; (2) Is Visual Effects taking over the film industry.

This piece will also be investigating things such as how the advancement of Visual Effects may mean the decline of other departments – such as the Special Effects (SFX) department.

There are a couple of main goals; To explore the historical landmarks of Visual Effects throughout the decades, which have helped Visual Effects become the colossus it is today; To help show how filmmakers and directors can get a good balance between the use of Visual Effects and the Story.

The dissertation is split into four main chapters (1) Introduction. I will be referring to the aim of the piece, the outlook and also the methodology; (2) Key Visual Effects moments throughout the 20th century. Looking at significant moments, which began to shape Visual Effects, allowing it to become the titan it is today; (3) The Explosion of Visual Effects in the 21st century. Addressing major moments in the 21st century, which has changed the history of Visual Effects and film forever; (4) Has Visual Effects taken over the film industry? Due to the development of Visual Effects throughout the previous years, many people feel that Visual Effects is know taking over the film industry.After these chapters, a discussion and a conclusion will follow.

This study concludes that the most effective way of creating a film would be to have the right balance between Storytelling and Visual Effects.


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