Main Body

The main body of your piece should be divided into sections or chapters with subtitles.  Each section will cover one topic only, which will be appropriately explained.  Each section should be divvied into paragraphs.

Each section and paragraph needs their own structure.  it will have a topic sentence which tells the reader about the subject of the paragraph.  The topic sentence is very often the first in the paragraph.  It can be short.  This means the reader will have a very clear idea of what the paragraph will be about.  What follows in the rest of the paragraph is information expanding on the idea, giving evidence as necessary.

Every paragraph must have a purpose. When revising, critically examine each paragraph and ask yourself weather it is necessary to your overall dissertation.  You may decide to cut some paragraph. This process could be painful, especially if you have done a lot of research you’d like to include or need more words to meet a page count, but it will strength your piece.


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