Looking at the top ten most successful grossing films of all time, in chapter four, it is unmistakably obvious that Visual Effects has had a huge helping hand in the financial aspect of the industry. However, Visual Effects cannot replace a good storyline or take the place of a creative script with expressive dialogue. It may be able to create amazing three-dimensional characters, but it can’t create the depth of character with feelings, which the audience can emotionally relate to.

Visual Effects has been a vital part of movies since films earliest days and has “always played a part in pushing the capabilities of the technologies that under pin it”(Bodhani 2014). The fact that it has come so far, should we know reign it back in? Through the online questionnaire, which was completed, 95% of participants prefer to combine both CGI and old school techniques. When it comes to films such as Jurassic World (2015) and The Avengers (2012), inevitability Visual Effects must be used, but also, why can’t some films combine older methods with newer methods, similar to what JJ Adrams is using to create Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015).

Visual; Effects does allow the director freedom to tell any story imaginable, but don’t use it just because you can. James Cameron stated, when Avatar was created, “The film is making a buzz because of this technology, but I am keen to stress that film, as ever, is about the story and the aim is not to bamboozle and distract the viewers with Visual Effects” (Wrenn, 2009).

It is probably fair to propose that the most effective and efficient process of creating a film should be to integrate a balance. Get the right calculation between the amount of Visual Effect’s used and every other necessary component needed which makes a film successful.



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