Major Project

So I have settled on a group – Wee Onesie

This group consists of

  1. Cricky McKenna
  2. Andrew Brennan
  3. Aimee Willson
  4. Lauren Patrick

These guys have had a idea for a while and they wanted me on board as it would be a combination of Live Action and CGI.  I feel that I would be a lot of help in this group as I would be able to take on the same type of role as I did for the RTE Project.  I would be the compositor but also the VFX Supervisor.

It would also enable me to improve on my compositing and take it to the next level.  RTE was pretty standard compositing of a character in live action, but I want to take it a step further!

I feel that this group would work well together as we all get on with one another and to pull of a piece that combines live action and CGI then I feel that you need a group of 5.



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