Ember Lad

Previously I have shown you the ember lad video which will serve as one of our inspirations for this piece, but I want to explain in more detail about them.

Ember Lab is driven by a passion to tell unique and engaging stories through the creation of digital media. This central focus fuels the development of all our projects across a range of media from visual effects to animation and game development. Our work includes branded entertainment and advertising for The Coca-Cola Company, stereographic 3D commercials, animated shorts, mobile games, post-production for feature films, music videos and convention media.


We put together a breakdown video for the Hisense  project showcasing our creative process. Developing the spot involved integrating CG character into live action footage captured in Big Sur, CA. We shot on the RED Epic Dragon and utilized a MoVI M10 gimbal stabilized rig. The MoVI allowed us to execute beautiful, complex camera movies in the rough terrain of the forest. We also used a stand-in puppet for camera rehearsals and lighting reference, as well as waterproof LED light rigs to create practical glow effects for the magical ending scene.

Hisense partnered with Ember Lab to unveil their new line of high-end, sophisticated electronics and strengthen their brand identity at CES 2015. Ember Lab created a pair of lovable, entertaining characters that embodied the spirit of the Hisense brand.

Ember Lab developed and produced a 4K 90 second commercial for Hisense ULED TV. The spot follows a cute and endearing explorer befriended by the Hisense Robot who guides the young adventurer on an exciting journey. The Robot is shown enhancing the environment through a number of stunning computer generated elements integrated seamlessly with live action footage.

In addition the ULED commercial, engaging character moments were created for the booth’s massive 20 foot display pillars. These moments showcase our character’s unique and fun personality while inviting visitors to explore the Hisense booth.




Source of info: http://movies.stackexchange.com/

Source of info: http://www.mordantorange.com/mo/




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