We have decided to split some of the assets up for modelling the room.

Aimee and Lauren are looking at the bed/canopy and I am looking more at the furniture, such as the desk, chair, bookcase etc.

The aim is to also have it look like Boo’s room from Monster’s inc. That has been as our inspiration for this piece and we want to make stuff so that it doesn’t look out of place if it was placed in Boo’s room.


I have also used a few assets from the internet to help make it look a lot more childish.

The room is simply a square with a deleted face.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 20.24.47.png

Next up I began to model the desk and I looked on the internet and found a great reference for a child’s desk/chair.

Next up was the bedside desk. As you can see, there is a not a massive amount of detail in the models because they are to be simple and represent a child’s room.

The bookcase and the books then was next and I used my own book case

I then grabbed a few assets from the web and began to place them in our scene. They will place no importance in what happens in the scene, but we just want to buff up the room.

I then began to texture the room.  I am using this as an example and the textures will more than likely be changing.  I also used a bump map on the floor, just to give it some small grooves.

Next up was the lighting.  We want it to be midnight, so a tint of blue and then with a possible bit of moon light shining through.

The last thing I done then was a brought it into nuke and I began to colour correct it, jusScreen Shot 2016-02-09 at 13.53.23.pngt to bring the blue’s a bit more into the scene.  Instead of doing this is maya and having to wait for it to render, I bring it into nuke and it is much quicker and faster!

So these are the 2 images that I have came up with today, but they might be a bit to dark, so possibly will have to brighten them up.

A few more Render’s (brightened up) a bit.

We do agree that the furniture in the room needs to be a bit more stylised, but the you’s etc in the room can be used, just the furniture needs fixed, however this room can be used for Previs.

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