We know have our story, however, it is to long! We had a great idea for the pilot episode, however most kids TV shows around between 15-25 minutes in length and we cnat acheive that.

We could go ahead and create something like that, however the quality wouldnt be great, so instead we are know creating a short 1 minute trailer type thing.

Writing for childrens TV?

Advice from video interviewing CBBC screenwriters,

-Imagine yourself as the child watching “wouldn’t it be cool if”


-Don’t be patronising

-Interesting characters, fresh ideas

-Know the market

-Perfectly nice characters are boring

-Think about your language/ actions (would that character speak/ do that?)

Points from essay by Dean DeBlois

Questions to think about,

-Who’s the hero?

-What’s his or her problem?

-What does he want?

-What does he need?

-How does pursuing what he wants unexpectedly give him what he needs?

This is the story structure for our pilot episode.

Pilot episode idea:

Ordinary World: Benjis Room/ bedtime routine

Call to Adventure: Adventure in forest

Refusal: Gets scared by sounds/dark

Mentor/ Helper: Owl

Crossing the Threshold: Goes to camp with Owl

Tests/ Allies/ Enemies: Meets others at camp gets map from Bee

Approach: Follows map through forest

Ordeal: Follows footprints on beach to find Dexter

Reward: Convinces Dexter to come to camp and make friends

Roadback: Owl scares Dexter by accident and they need to convince him to come out of bushes again

Atonement: Benji, Dexter and Owl arrive back at camp together

Return: Benji wakes up in his own bed with a shell beside him

We would have loved to have created this, however, due to our deadline, this would not be possible to create it to the standard we would want!

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.11.13.png

What we plan to create!

TV Show Bible, will include:

-The structure for each episode

-Idea for pilot episode storyboarded out

-Research and development of ideas

Trailer for show

Highlighting the main characters and what the show will look and sound like

Completed scene from Pilot episode

Most likely the scene with the characters around the campfire

Storyboard Animatic

Source of info:



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