So today (Tuesday 18th February), we went out and shot in Tollymore Forrest, just outside Newcastle.

Lauren’s friend (Ryan) kindly came out with us for the day to assist in the filming an he also allowed us to use his camera (Black Magic Cinema Camera) to shoot Raw footage.  Shooting Raw footage just allows us the opportunity to explore more with the grading and colour correcting of each scene.

It was a fun day out, cold but a beautiful day.  Thankfully we got lovely bright light, which we feel will play a massive part in our clip.


We revived the shots on the previs and we realised that there was a few scenes we didnt like, most notably

  • The Bee
  • The Owl
  • The Octopus

We wanted to change these as it just didn’t feel right and the camera angle wasn’t right, i.e it wasn’t low enough.  So we got Ryan out again on the 10th March and we reshot some of our scenes, this time taking great care over each shot and making sure that we got low enough.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 18.45.46.png


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