What is Previs?

Previs is an abbreviated term for ‘pre visualization’, the process of visualising and improving a project before the final endeavor is attempted.  Historically, filmmakers relied on storyboards, concept work and psychical models to help them plan their visions.  Modern previs teams compliment and accelerate this process by using computer animation tools to present the filmmakers choices in motion.

Previs: Before and After

Once we had all our shots tracked, I then took each scene and began to Previs it.  I just got a small baby rig from the ‘Body Mechanics Rigs’ and choose Casey to work from as this resembles around the size we are going for, possibly even smaller.  It will depend on the shot.Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 09.32.01.png

So it really was just a case of going through each scene and dragging Casey across the screen.  I didnt put any ‘acting’ into the scenes, as I was doing it so that it would give us a great sense of time and awareness.

This is what we eneded up with.  It comes to 1.20, however that will more than likely be longer.  Around 20 seconds longer I would say.

Once I had the previs completed, I then took all the scenes into Pro and put a frist edit together.  This gave us a good sense of time and allowed us to see if the piece needed to be shorter or longer.

At the moment it is running at 1 minute, 20 seconds, however I do feel that will go up around 20 seconds.Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.36.44.png

This is the length of each scene, or the length of the first draft edit.  Scenes where Benji interacts with the other characters is 8 seconds each, however that may stretch to 10 seconds each, giving it an extra 12/14 seconds and then maybe an extra few seconds in some scenes, giving it a time of around 1.40.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 14.08.15.png

Updated Previs (13th March)

Once we had looked at the previs we had before and we realised that some scenes werent right, and we also discussed what each character will be doing in that scene, I then revisted the previs as some shots had to be changed.  The first time I done the previs, we dindt have a script or any music, so this time I was able to add this in, both the soundtrack and a narration, which I done myself.


Previs Updated

We then showed the updated previs to Alec, who liked it however felt that the scene of him jumping over the stepping stones didn’t work.  He thought that it was an unnecessary scene and one that we could cut and tke the time used for that scene and put it into another scene, say the scene before when we first see Benji in the forrest.


Reference Footage (26th March)

We are very close to Animating our scenes (about 4 days).  So what we done was we shot reference footage for our scenes.  Andrew played Benji throughout all the scenes to keep consistency.  This wa fun to shoot.  I dont no if any of the guys will use this, however it is better to have it than not have it.

I then pieced the reference footage together with the previs, again to help the guys when Animating.


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