Monkey Twins

Once I had Benji complete, it was my task to model the Monkey Twins.  They are very similar with the only difference being the hair.

This is Anthonys original drawings for the cheeky Monkeys.  Th ears on these characters are the same as Benji, only with a slight different shape.

Next up was getting the tail and then also the Monkey shape for the character on top of the Onezie.  I was just sticking very closely to Anthony’s drawings, similar to what I done with Benji.

The girl has hair and the boy has none! So I just created the hair by duplicating the head and then deleting the faces which I wouldn’t be using.  This way I would be able to get the exact shape of the head.

Since just having a different colour of hair might not be enough to differ between a boy and girl, we decided to throw in a wee bow on her hair.  Just to show the difference between the boy and girl.

Once I ahd that done, I then duplicated the model over and just deleted the hair.

Brother and Sister Monkey Twins!

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 17.39.37


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