We then discussed about ‘buffing’ our scenes up by adding in flowers in the scene. We also wanted to add in flowers growing in a type of time lapse, similar to the scene below from our inispiration ‘Ember Lab’.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 13.06.50.png

To do this, instead of modelling and rigging a flower, I was able to get a timelapse video of youtube, of flowers growing. From this, I was able to key out the background in nuke and then comp each flower growing in the scene.  Maybe I went a bit to mad, but it really does bring the scene to life.

There is a major difference between what we had, and bring in the flowers and the extra light.

The images above, you can tell that it is very ‘fake looking’. Lauren found a nice way of doing the flowers, all within maya and she showed me how to do this.  It is done by the visor in maya which builds certain things for you and in our case, we are lucky enough that it builds flower.

This is all done within Maya, however I realised that it is best to do this AFTER animation.  It just allows the guys who are animating more freedom of where to move their character, instead of being restricted by the positioning of flowers.

SIno its a bit hard to get a proper feel with just that stick guy in the middle, but just imagine our characters in there, going to look unreal!

Once all the animation is complete and I have been given the scenes, I will then add in flowers etc around the scene to buff it up more before i hit ‘render’ and then comp the flowers and the characters all into the live action footage.

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