Based on Lauren’s character sheets, we decided that each character should have an extra piece with them in their scenes.

Octopus: Surfboard (because he likes to surf)

Dragon: Treasure chest (because he likes to collect treasures)

Monkeys: Circus ball and crash cymbals (because they like to play and mess around)

Bee: Watering can (because she likes to grow flowers)

Owl: Books (because she is wise and old).

These all stem from Lauren’s characters sheets, which will also come as a great help when animation begins.

Because I am not doing any animating, it was my job to create these extra wee assets.

Watering Can

I looked at children’s watering cans and i realised that they are all pretty much one shape and size and also one colour.  I went with a nice red colour so that it doesn’t clash with her yellow and black texture.  I also just added in a wee flower on the side, just as an extra piece of detail.

Circus ball and crash cymbals.

These were pretty simple to do as all we wanted was simple shapes.  I looked at kids toys which have crash symbols and saw that they are pretty simply geo.


This was probably my favorite thing to model.  I looked at certain ages and what size of a surfboard they would have.  Normally there isnt any surfboards for 5/6 year olds, normally they are just foam board, however this is a fantasy world which they live in.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 13.49.22.png

His/her (doenst have a gender) name if Ollie and to match with his/her textures I made it purple and pink.


For Andrews Owl scene, he went ahead and created a small butterfly.  It was a great job  The Owl flaps his wings and small butterflies fly out. He took a day to model it.  It is great.  He then sent it onto me to unwrap and to rig.

Unwrapping was pretty simple.  It was done in Headus.  The body will just be one colour, but the wings will be the main textured part.

This will be very small in the scene, so we don’t have to go to extreme in the rigging.  Just an overall control and a control for either wing.  Simple and nothing to mad.


Source of info:

Source of info:

Source of info:



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