Andrew has been working on the bedroom.  When we where allocating jobs, Andrew decided that eh would like to take on modelling of the room which was a smart idea since he was the one of done the concept art for it.

He then went away and done a few concept sketches for what the room can look like.

These are beautiful pieces of art, however we felt that they where very ‘Tim Burtony, since that is a big inspiration on Andrews personal work.

From the feedback we gave andrew, he then began to look at more ‘pixar’ style of drawings and inspiration.

From these pieces of inspiration, he then came up with this.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 10.05.10.png

We showed this to Conann who felt that it was lacking in any kind of depth.  It was ‘boring’.  I can see where he is coming from, however we where aiming for that nice curve feeling of pixar, but he told us to resort back to Andrews original concept art, which is exactly what we done!

Their is a lot more about this bedroom, I have to admit.  We want to be different, how many people will be coming out of Animation courses and all have the same kind of pixar look.  We want to be different from them.

Bedroom Colour

We gave Andrew a lot of feedback about the room, esp with the panels as walls. We feel that they are not needed and are far to ‘old’.  He then replaced it with just a flat plane as a wall.  The next thing he had to do then was to add in colour.


This was the first piece of colour which he created, however it looks far to old fashioned.  This is a kids room and although we are going off his concept art, it just doesnt look or feel right atal.  There was a few heated discussions about the room as it has been taking a long time to create.  Andrew then went away with all our feedback and made the changes, however we told him that it needed to be done today.

I also went and found a few toy assets for him to use, just to help bulk up the room and make it far more child like.

This was just a few websites that I used which I got a few free assets from him.

Andrew then went away and placed all the toys that I had given him around the room and also the colour. He had to change the colour of the wallpaper, the bed etc as it was far far to old fashioned.  This was his outcome.  Much better and far more childlike.  The scene has now been passed onto Cricky to light and also to Animate.



Andrew was struggling to make the canopy.  He had made the curtains in the image above, however they just werent quite ‘kid like’.  They where far to old fashioned.  He was struggling to make the canopy, so I said that I would jump in and help him complete it.  He then sent me what he had done in the room.  To create the canopy I looked at a few inspirational pieces. A few kids Canopies

Andrew had already made the pointed bit at the top, so to create the flowing curtain part, I just created 2 CV curve tools and lofted them together.  I then went through the vertices and just pushed and pulled until I got what I liked.

Next up was the positing of the canopy and texturing it.  I decided to keep it a pretty simple texture, Maya texture, and just turned the visibility of it down so that you couldn’t really do it.  Bedroom_001.png

Now that the bedroom has been modelled, it was passed onto Cricky to Animate and also to light.  Cricky seems to have a real understanding of lighting, so therefore the lighting work he has done so far for the bedroom has been great.  He has been looking at such things like Boo’s bedroom from Monsters Inc and also the bedroom scene from the BFG live action film.

This is where it is at, at the moment.  It is nearly complete, with maybe just a few changes to be made, but so far, Lovely piece of work.

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