One thing I wanted to have a look at was the campfire scene.  I wont be animating this scene (Lauren is), however I went in and set it all up.  I created the logs and textured them (applying a slight bump map)  and then I created the fire in Maya.

Its just small fireflies/particles/balls of light
This is just a 2 sec piece. Its something i think can buff up the scenes aswell. I can go through each scene and make as many or as little as looks nice per shot. The colour, the glow, the speed, the amount etc can be changed as is needed per shot if yous all like this.

I am not 100% sure what time of day we plan on having these scene, although I do imagine it will be a night scene since there is a campfire.

Here you can see that I have placed the and created the fire set up itself.

A render to make sure that I got the light within the fire working alright.  However I realised that this ‘point light’ is creating a large shadow on the other pieces of Geo behind (the trees and branches) so I was able to figure out how to have these pieces of geo not affected by the light.

Next was the fire itself.  To create this I just followed a few tutorials and then played around with the settings myself. I just brought in Benji, who just has lambert’s applied to him, as I don’t yet have the fully textured Benji.

Next then I brought it into nuke and was able to have a lot of control over the grading and the look of the background and also the log, the character, the fire, the fire set up etc.

And this was the final outcome.



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