The Land of Wonder

So while the guys are animating, I intend on going through each scene and really ‘buffing’ it up.  Making it look a lot more like a land of wonder.

I love this graden in the film ‘Maleficent’, although I dont think I will be able to do anything to such standard, but it is the idea which I really love.


I really liked the idea of having small golden balls floating throughout each scene.   Its just small fireflies/particles/balls of light.
This is just a 2 sec piece. Its something i think can buff up the scenes aswell. I can go through each scene and make as many or as little as looks nice per shot. But want your thoughts before I go any further. The colour, the glow, the speed, the amount etc can be changed as is needed per shot if yous all like this.

I then created ‘godrays’ which give of a beam of light and something which I am able to have create control over the colour correcting off.

This is a screen shot of it, however I will post up a video so you can see the fireflies.


After I had shown this to the group and they approved of it, I then went through each scene and done something similar.

I created flares, God Rays, fireflies in each scene.  I have done this for each scene in a Nuke Script, so all I have to do is comp in the character once Animation is complete.  This will help speed up the compositing process also so that when the guys are finished Animating their scene, they just have to give me the scene, I can render it in layers and then comp it in.

Before and After

This is scene by scene, the before and after.  What it looks like from the original RAW footage, to the Colour Correct and Magical Elements put into the scene.














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