Aimee was our rigging.  She done a brilliant job on the rigging.  The controls for the Arms and Legs are brilliant.  She done it using an IK/FK control.  Something Which I could not do.

She sent me through the characters and there was just a few wee small issues.  The right hand moved when the left hand control was selected, a parenting error.  So once Aimee had finished the rig with the blend shapes, she just sent the character to me and i fixed this wee issue on the hand and then passed it onto everyone.

Once I had finished this issue with the hands, I then noticed another small problem.  The eyes did not follow the character when it was scaled, moved or rotated.

Again, this was just a parenting issue.  To fix this, I parented the eyes to the joint at the top of the head, which in turn was parented to the controls.  So whenever you move the head, back and overall controls, the eyes will follow the head no matter what.  To do this I had to do it in a certain order

  • Dupilcate Eyes
  • Parent eyes to the joint
  • Delete the history on the eyes
  • Reposition the Eyes.

Also when Aimee sent me over the Rigged model of the Bee, I noticed that the weight weren’t painted correctly on the wings.  So again, just a simple process or going in, selecting the wing joint and painting it in white.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 23.09.35.png



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