Working Ahead

So instead of waiting for the guys to finish their animation and for it to be rendered, I have gone ahead and done something which will help speed up the compositing process, therefore giving the guys a few more days to Animte!

I have taken each character into their respretive scene and posed them in a single frame.  Next I rendered out all of my layers (just a single frame) and then I composited each scene together in Nuke.Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.56.43.png

What this know means, is all I have to do is replace the single frame node with the rendered image sequence! This saves so much time on my part an again allows the guys a few days to get the animation 100% correct.

I am really happy that I have done this as it will save a lot of time!

Before and After

This is each scene, with the characters, mushrooms and godrays/flares all added in.  It is roughly where I visually see each scene being or looking.


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