Paul Mc Veigh Blog

Extra Curriculum


Throughout the semester I have been creating a few extra bits and peices in my spare time.  This stuff is for me personally as I feel that it allows me to continue my learning process within nuke and maya.

I tend to split it up into three different sections

Digital Painting

I draw this on my Ipad, using an app called Procreate.  I feel that it allows for alot of freedom, especially when you are using an ipad brush.


I am not a fan of modelling things such as Heads or humans or weird creatures within Zbrush.  I do tend to like modelling hard surface objects within Maya though.  Items which have a hard and solid structure to them.  I am not a great modeller in general, however I do enjoy going into Maya and modelling smaller, less complex things.


Visual Effects

Personally I feel that my piece ‘Wee Onzies’ doesnt hold many great shots that I would put in my personal showreel, therefor throughout the semester, I have been creating my own VFX clips to help improve by showreel and also to help build my understanding of Nuke.  I didnt get as many pieces done as I would have liked as the Major project work load became increasingly larger each week, but I feel that I kept on top of a these extra pieces and was able to create a couple of extra pieces which I can plane in my showreel.